Graphic Design Services
by Neil McAllister B.Ed.(Hons) A.M.P.A. & Hazel McAllister B.A.(Hons) C.I.E.
Garden Corner, 2b Boundary Lane, Congleton, Cheshire. CW12 3HZ. United Kingdom.
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Brochure Design.

As well as undertaking Studio and Location Photography, we can design and produce brochures, from simple four page single colour, to full colour productions of whatever length you require.

A major area of work for us is School Brochure Production, where high quality has to be balanced against cost. By employing digital repro technology, we have even brought full colour brochures within the scope of primary schools - something which would have been unthinkable ten years ago.

The design left, produced for Ladybrook Primary School, was produced as a folder cover, enclosing a four-page colour insert illustrating school activities. The photography was undertaken during a half-day session, which including scans for reproduction cost less than £250. Using conventional technology, this part of the job would have cost over £500! Click here to see other images from the Ladybrook brochure.

The photomontage right was produced for the cover of Moss Hey School's brochure, printed in 1999. Even with single colour printing, good design can create an attractive and effective brochure.

Click here to see some of Pownall Green School's brochure.


The price of each job is determined by your personal requirements and we will be happy to provide a quotation based on your needs.



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