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Photographic Restoration and Copying


Don't leave granddad in the attic!

Old Photographs are precious slices of history, which have often suffered over the years. Corners become dog-eared. Creases and tears eat into loved ones' features, but careful and sensitive restoration can bring a new breath of life into old images.

As a former teacher and lecturer in photography Neil McAllister has extensive experience of old photographs, and is expert in the techniques of copying and restoration, Using up-to-the-minute digital imaging technology, photographs can be recreated, enlarged, hand coloured, duplicated, mounted and framed - all in house. Many photographers contract out this kind of work, but Neil McAllister prides himself on a truly personal service at an affordable price. All copied images are archived on CD ROM, allowing additional prints to made in the future .

Digital retouching is almost limitless in it's versatility.

Unwanted, or distracting backgrounds can be removed, like the example right, where a cluttered snap of a much-loved but departed family pet, has been transformed into a studio-style pet portrait.


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